In addition to Personal Injury and General Litigation, Atkinson & Associates is pleased to offer sports agency and consulting for professional sports players and entertainers.  This work encompasses everything from agency, contract negotiation, strategic tax planning, and career mentoring.  We cater to players, artists and professionals throughout the State of California, including the Golden State Warriors, San Francisco 49ers, Sacramento Kings, and the San Jose Sharks.

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Life for professional sports players can be very difficult and overwhelming.  For our players, we are there for you at every step of the way and at every turn. The life of a professional athlete is great, but various hazards and pitfalls must be carefully negotiated and avoided. With the proper planning, we help our clients thrive both in their professional sports careers, right on through to planning for their retirement and/or second careers after sports.

At Atkinson and Associates, we are also pleased to offer career agency and consulting. This work encompasses everything from contract negotiation, career placement, renegotiation of contracts, severance, and strategic and analytic thinking for both individuals and businesses.

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