Employment Law

For Employers:

Atkinson & Associates respects the hard work it takes to run a business. Oftentimes, situations can arise quickly and unexpectedly and being sued becomes more difficult than it needs to be, without the assistance of good legal counsel.

If you are unprepared, a seemingly small issue can become a full-blown conflict. In some cases, lawsuits can be avoided by careful employment practices. Save yourself the time and costs of litigation by consulting with an attorney ahead of time.

We also assist with employment litigation, so please click the link below to Tell Us About Your Case, if you need assistance for a case that has entered the litigation process.

For Employees:

Employees are dependent upon the good intentions and lawful actions of their employers, and often feel vulnerable because their livelihood is at stake when it comes to their job. If you believe you have been treated unlawfully by your employer, you may have a right to legal recourse. Common mistakes and wrongs suffered by employees at the hands of their employers include:

  • Unlawful termination of your job upon a prohibited basis, such as a person’s disability, race, ethnicity, gender, or orientation
  • Failure to fully compensate employees for the total number of hours worked
  • Failure to offer rest breaks
  • Failure to offer meal breaks
  • Failure to pay employees at overtime rates for overtime hours worked
  • Racial discrimination
  • Racial harassment
  • Sexual harassment
  • Discrimination on the basis of disability
  • Failure to provide benefits offered upon commencement or termination of employment