Construction and Real Property Litigation

Construction Law, Real Property, and Real Estate-related Legal Matters

Atkinson & Associates is pleased to offer legal services in construction-related legal matters, such as matters involving alleged construction defects, breach of contracts for construction, and many other types of claims involving contractors and real property.

Atkinson & Associates offers legal services in conjunction with real estate transactions and real property matters. Such cases and claims can include estate disputes, construction defect matters, encroachments, easements, water intrusion disputes, boundary disputes, trespass of real property, real estate fraud, damage to property, the creation of living trusts, community property and estate planning, and many other property-related legal matters.

Before becoming an attorney, Doug Atkinson worked in a variety of construction-related fields, assisting Doug’s understanding of construction and real property issues that can arise from construction. The need for a lawyer can arise under many different circumstances. The best time to call a lawyer is in advance – before a problem arises.  Please call or click today to see if we can be of service to you!

General Civil Litigation Matters

Atkinson & Associates is pleased to represent individuals and businesses in matters spanning a broad range of civil litigation issues, including business litigation matters, breach of contract actions, employment law, damage to real and personal property, and many other civil matters. Please contact us today for a free consultation.