Wills, Trusts and Probate

Wills, Trusts, and the Probate of Estates:

Atkinson & Associates is pleased to assist our clients with the drafting and amendments of wills, trusts, health care directives, powers of attorney, and other legal documents and estate planning devices that best serve our clients’ needs. We perform this work in an efficient and cost-effective manner, with a great deal of professionalism and attention to detail.

Atkinson & Associates also offers probate legal services, whereby a deceased loved ones estate is settled through our court system. We provide dedicated service to our clients and their families, so please contact us today so that we can assist you.

Let us help you make that sure your wishes are followed, not only concerning how your property is distributed after you pass away, but concerning your own body and the health care you wish to receive in the event of a serious health issue. We all know friends and relatives who have had to make the choice for their loved one when that loved one is no longer able to speak for his or her self. Make sure you don’t put your own family through this gut-wrenching experience by formalizing your own health care directive today.

Do you have a hard time getting around? No problem, we can come to you. Call us for a free initial telephone consultation to assist us in scheduling an in-person appointment to determine your particular needs*.

Don’t wait until the last minute, as you could fall prey to theft or coercement. We have all read of instances where predatory individuals manipulate or steal from the estates of others. Sadly, this occurs even with family members and loved ones. Make sure your wishes are followed, and do it now, so that you can rest easy. Call Atkinson & Associates to have your wishes formalized in a concise and binding manner.

Elder Abuse Law:
Are you an elderly person that relies on people and/or a company to care for you day to day? Have you been adversely affected by this care, such as by the failure to give you your medicine, or the failure to care for you adequately? Atkinson & Associates wants to help.

Elder abuse can take many forms. For example, someone might be putting pressure on you to do things, such as lend them money. Don’t deal with the situation alone. We can help you deal with the situation in a very private manner if you wish. You can be a part of the decision-making process in how your case is resolved.

Call Atkinson & Associates if you believe that you are the victim of unlawful conduct. If you have a hard time getting around, no problem. We can come to you. Call us for a free initial telephone consultation to assist us in scheduling an in-person appointment to determine your particular needs*.

If you cannot afford the cost of litigation, Atkinson & Associates may be willing to front the costs of your case. Ask about our contingency fee agreements, whereby we are paid for our time only when we obtain a settlement or verdict on your behalf; if your case does not prevail, you owe us nothing for our time.

*Whether or not we travel to meet you does depend upon the initial telephone consultation, and whether or not we believe that we can take your case at that time.