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“Dear Doug, I found you to be friendly, compassionate, energetic, fair, very personable, and extremely good at what you do.  Your recommended course of action went perfectly. I was well compensated, your fee was very fair and I could not be happier.  Thank you.”

Former Client and Mayor – Pacifica, CA

“Doug was so different from an attorney I obtained after I was rear-ended in a car accident when I was pregnant. I had minimal contact with the first attorney and he didn’t seem interested in my injuries or situation and I received a very small compensation for my injuries. Doug was in contact with me frequently, on top of all the details of my case and great with follow-up. He accompanied me to all my important doctor’s appointments and was aggressive in a good way. He obtained a policy limits settlement for me and although I will live with back pain and an altered lifestyle for the rest of my life, he made sure I was justly compensated for that. He also negotiated down my medical liens which increased my portion of the settlement. He restored my faith in attorneys.”

Former Client – Marin County, CA

“Douglas is a man of integrity, who will fight on your behalf. He is passionate about his craft, and executes intelligently and successfully on his client’s behalf. He is also wise to have excellent connections to experienced associates, adding to the value Douglas brings to your side. He roots for the underdog, and took on my messy case; negotiating a fair settlement. I am grateful to Douglas and his Associates for their time, compassion, and guidance. I highly recommend working with Douglas!”

Former Client – San Diego, CA

“My business partner and I own a small organic farm near Sacramento. Last summer a nearby farmer crop-dusted our land compromising our organic certification and contaminating nearly all of our crops. Even though Douglas does not specialize in agricultural law, he willingly took our case. Through his meticulous research and attention to detail he was able to reach a settlement nearly ten times the amount we had expected to receive from the insurance company. Thank you Douglas.”

Small Business Owner – Sacramento, CA

“Our case involved us being hit quite hard from behind while sitting at a stoplight. Sentry insurance failed to agree to pay for all the damage to our car and also attempted to deny paying for a rental car while our car was being fixed. Mr. Atkinson was terrific in addressing and remedying the situation and we were ultimately reimbursed by the offending insurance agency. Without his expert help, I am sure we would have had little chance of recovering our losses. He did a superb job!”

Former Client – San Francisco, CA

“Doug was a very personal friend right from the beginning of my case. He explained legal terms and procedures so I could understand and stayed in touch all along the process. He did everything he could to keep costs at a minimum. His accounting of costs and payments was exceptional. I was amazed at how he and his fellow assistant, Ray were able to get all the vast amount of paper work of dates and procedures in such a chronological order. His counsel along the way was invaluable. It was a joy and blessing to get to know him and work with him. I would recommend him to anyone.”

Former Client – Siskiyou County, CA

“I attended this trial for a couple hours last year when I had some free time at the courthouse. I was so impressed with your closing argument that I ordered the transcripts of 2 days of the trial.”

Fellow Attorney – Bay Area, CA

“In 2013, I was injured as a pedestrian and innocent bystander caused by debris from a vehicle collision that resulted in bodily harm and ultimately two different surgeries. Due to the exceeding cost of my injuries, I was forced to seek compensation from the at-fault party in my accident.

For the duration of the 2-year and 8-month litigation process, Doug Atkinson and his colleagues offered the utmost professional legal advice and support that any client should expect from an unfortunate incident such as this. Atkinson and Associates continuously and promptly made themselves available for any questions and concerns that I had throughout what was a truly daunting, arduous life event.

I can say with full confidence that Doug and his team care about their clients and I truly value the dedication and expertise that his firm provided to me as a plaintiff. I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome of my PI case and with the representation of Atkinson and Associates.”

Former Client – San Francisco, CA

“I was in a fairly terrible accident with injuries to my face and neck, and a totaled vehicle. Doug Atkinson and Associates were there for me every step of the process from Doctors visits to car rentals. Once Doug stepped in there was no more dealing with the insurance companies, which was a relief because I was very busy as a full time student, and had to search for another car and heal from my injuries. He was very diligent with email updates and phone calls. Everything was taken care of in a timely fashion and I didn’t have to go to court. I felt very trusting of him because of his organization, and the compassion he has for his clients. I will always recommend him to anyone who needs help. Thanks Doug!”

Former Client – Santa Cruz, CA

“I broke my foot in a slip and fall accident at a restaurant and missed several weeks of work. My husband suggested that we call Doug, a friend from law school, to discuss my situation. We proceeded with the case and Doug and his team worked diligently to get my case settled smoothly and efficiently and I was fully compensated for my loss of wages due to missing several weeks of work from the injury.

Throughout the whole process, Doug and his staff were very professional, honest and always proactively kept me informed.

Thanks to Atkinson and Associates for providing excellent legal advice and services for my personal injury case!”

Former Client – San Francisco, CA

“Ethical, hardworking, and skilled people–you will be glad you called them. Atkinson and Associates handled my injury case when I was rear-ended by a distracted driver on my way to work. I never thought I would ever need a lawyer, (and I never thought I would write a review this positive about a lawyer!), but I am so glad I sought help from this firm. My only regret is not calling them sooner. My life instantly became easier after they became involved, helping me deal with the endless harassment from insurance companies. Doug Atkinson and everyone at his firm are extremely ethical, caring, and diligent. They listen to their clients, answer questions honestly, and give you all the information you need to make your own decision. They genuinely care about their clients and the way the outcome of the case will affect your life, and they actually treat you like a real person instead of a number. They worked extremely hard to get the best possible outcome for me. Even though my case wasn’t a very lucrative one for them, it was life-changing for me, and they always acted like they knew that, paying 100% attention to me when I was in the office or on the phone and treating my case as important. I would highly recommend this firm for anyone who needs legal assistance from people who are effective but also honest and ethical. If you have lost your faith in the legal system but still find yourself needing a lawyer, call Atkinson and Associates.”

Former Client – Fremont, CA

“I was very satisfied with Atkinson & Associates’ representation. I was very pleased with the settlement result and Doug was very accessible and personable. When I called him, he would either call or text me right back. Although he had other cases, I never felt like my case fell through the cracks. Doug was very thorough with regard to providing information about my case and what to expect, so there was never a point where something happened and I was blindsided. I would definitely recommend Atkinson & Associates to a family member or friend.”

Former Client – Oakland, CA

“In May 2014, I was in a car accident where i was reared ended pretty bad. I needed an attorney to help me deals with the medical bills and my personal injury case with the other driver. A colleague at work referred me to Doug. I was so pleased to have chosen Doug as my attorney to handle my personal injury case because he and his team kept me informed on what was happening with the case. Doug and his team are honest, trustworthy and most importantly, they work diligently in obtaining the maximum for their clients. I highly recommend Atkinson & Associates for their excellent legal representation. Keep up the amazing work!”

Former Client – San Mateo, CA

“Doug Atkinson & Associates were extremely professional and a pleasure to deal with. Doug kept me informed throughout the whole legal process. He was punctual in returning my calls and answering all questions I had during the duration of my case. I never felt like I was in the dark. I got rear ended by someone who was tired during evening rush hour traffic. My truck received minor damage and luckily I had no major injuries. But still the paperwork, and the hoops that I had to jump through were stressful. This office was on point.”

Former Client – Vallejo, CA

“Doug Atkinson and his team made my first (and hopefully last) lawsuit pretty painless and we were able to settle without having to go to trial. Doug was clear with what he needed from me, and he worked quickly and thoroughly. I really felt guided and supported in the whole process and I am very pleased with the end result. I highly recommend Doug and his firm to represent you!”

Former Client – Oakland, CA

“After two years, the insurance company had forced me down to a settlement that didn’t even pay for the hospital liens against me related to a “not at fault” car accident. I was told that trying to negotiate a higher settlement was pointless, that very few people would even take an injury case to trial against a major insurance company, and even fewer win. Mr. Atkinson won a verdict greater than 76 times the initial offer-and he did it both ethically and communicating with me throughout the process.”

Former Client – Redwood City, CA


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